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 Beware Of Acai Berry Scams

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MesajKonu: Beware Of Acai Berry Scams   4/8/2011, 15:14

You must have seen acai berry advertisers that claim to offer a free trial and help you lose weight without paying a single dime. I fell for one of such offers only to find I was being billed hundreds of dollars each month. When I asked the company why was I being billed, they told me, when taking the Free Trial, I signed up for a monthly subscription and agreed to pay $109.99 each month for the supply of Acai Berry. I asked them to cancel straight away. They said they cancelled my subscription and I would not be billed again. Then came my next credit card statement, I was surprised to see the charges again. I tried to call up the comapny again. No one answered my call for 2 days. On the 3rd day I was finally able to speak to someone after being on hold for an hour. I explained my situation to the person, he said he would refund my money and I would not be billed again. To date I am yet to get the refund. Instead of waiting to see more charges on my bill, I decided to cancel my credit card. What a relief! The end result was after losing $329.97 I was yet to lose a single pound. Some of you might lose few pounds after paying the bills (Pun Intended). Most of you might have lost lot of money on different weight loss programs and are still looking for a solution that will transform you overnight. Believe me , there is no such system available.
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Beware Of Acai Berry Scams
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